Venice Beach Canals

The Canals In Venice Southern California!

Check out these pictures of the Venice Beach canals in Southern California near Los Angeles.

When you enter the canals in Venice Beach, you are instantly in another world. Old world charm envelopes you.

Ducks quack and all kinds of kayaks are tied up alongside the hedgelined streets.

The Venice canals in California were built by the founder of Venice California, Abbot Kinney.

He was inspired by the, what else, the canals in Venice Italy. Initially it was called Abbot’s Folly.

Originally there were sixteen miles of canals, that were navigated by gondolas.

Summer homes and seashore attractions, including a large pier, walking boulevards and a huge bath house were part of the canal scene.

venice beach canals

More than one hundred years after their grand opening on July 4, 1905, only six canals remain.

The canals are now home to some of the most expensive real estate of the Los Angeles Westside neighborhoods.

venice beach canals

The homes have some real unsual innovative architectural designs that maximizes the use of narrow lots.

We love the charming white bridges that arch over the waters, and that the homes practically abut the sidewalks along the canals.

venice beach canals/

The bohemian atmosphere is the dominating theme here, and it’s a very pleasant experience to soak it all in.

Locals and visitors are welcome to paddle the canals, which they do. Some even take their morning coffee in their kayaks or row boats.

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