Southern California Wine Tour

Wine Tasting In Southern California Wineries!

Take a Southern California wine tour of the many wineries in Southern California.

Wine tasting in Southern California is not only fun, but the scenic beauty of the Southern California wine country is truly stunning.

The most popular wine region of Southern California is the Santa Barbara wineries in and around Santa Barbara County.

Santa Barbara County wine country is also home to the Santa Ynes wineries annd the Solvang wineries.

Further south is another very popular wine region in Southern California. The Temecula wineries consists of about 20 winenies in the Temecula Valley.

Santa Barbara's Wine Country

Santa Barbara’s Wine Country

Santa Barbara Wine Country

Most wineries offer winery tours and packages. You can also hold a winery reception in Southern California.

Weddings in a Southern California winery is not only romantic, but the scenic settings for the receptions are spectacular with the rolling vineyards as a backdrop.

Southern California Wine Tour
Temecula Wine Country

So if you are planning to get married, go ahead and plan a Southern California winery wedding.

A Southern California wineries tour will take you to the best winetasting rooms in the Southern California wine country.

The Santa Barbara wine country has the largest selection of wineries in Southern California. We also think it’s the most beautiful wine region in Southern California.

Of course the Temecula wine country region is also beautiful with wonderful wine tasting rooms, but not quite as scenic as the Santa Barbara wine region.

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