Sea World San Diego

The Sea World Aquatic Park In California!

A visitors guide to Sea World San Diego California. Sea World shows, rides, restaurants, hotels, tickets and Sea World pictures.

Plan to spend a whole day at Sea World in order to experience all that the park has to offer at this 150 acre aquatic marine park.

Its location on the shores of Mission Bay in San Diego, is beautiful. Sea World has dozens of sea life exhibits and live shows by performing marine animals. There are also theme park rides and a playground for kids. If you like to eat, there are several very nice eating places, serving a variety of American foods. The Deli is even serving breakfast. So you don’t have to be hungry while visiting Sea World.

Sea World San Diego

Sea World Shows

Sea World San Diego

The Orca Whale Shamo

The most popular show stars the famous killer whale Shamo. This three ton Orca whale swims, dives and splashes with his trainer and other killer whales to music throughout the day or evening.

Sea World San Diego

View Of Shamu Show

Just a word of caution. The first ten rows are called the “splash rows”, so be careful where you sit. Other shows feature dolphins, sea lions and otters. The shows are repeated throughout the day, so you can see them all if you spend the day.

Sea World San Diego

Sea Lion Show

Sea World Rides

Sea World San Diego

Shipwreck Rapids Ride

The rides at Sea World are lots of fun for the kids. They are different than other amusement park rides. My grandsons really likes them. Here is one of their favorite rides. The Shipwreck Rapids ride is very popular, especially during the summer when the weather is hot. Of course San Diego has one of the most pleasant climates in the World, so it rarely, if ever, gets unbearable hot here. Anyway this is a river rafting ride, where a nine person raft takes you down a river with rapids and waterfalls. It’s a lot of fun!

Another ride called the Wild Artic ride is a simulated expedition to the North Pole, where you come face to face with swimming polar bears and walruses.

More Sea World San Diego Fun Attractions

Sea World San Diego

The Penguin Encounter Exhibit

Other attractions include the Penguin Encounter, where you glide on a moving walkway past hundreds of penguins and other aquatic birds who are swimming and waddling in chilled down cool, glassed-in exhibits.

Sea World San Diego

Manatee Rescue Exhibit

At the Manatee Rescue you will view gentle, plant eating Manatees, Sea Cows, in a huge glassed in tank. Sea World has rescued over two hundred Manatees from Florida and the Caribbean, where they are endangred because of their slow moving habit.

Sea World Shark Exhibit

Sea World San Diego

The Shark Exhibit

At the Shark Encounter exhibit you will be up and close to a variety of different sharks, who swim in huge glass enclosed tank.

You glide on a moving walkway through a plastic tube in the shark tank, where you are surrounded by the sharks. Very exciting, but it can be scary for very young children. Older kids love the Shark Encounter.

Sea World Dolphins

Sea World San Diego

The Dolphin Petting Pool

The dolphins are very popular with the younger kids, although I’ll admit I love them too, who love to be at the petting pool. They even let you wade in the pool along with a trainer, but there is an age limit, meaning you have to be a certain age. I forgot the age cut off, so you should ask when you get there. There is even a tide pool, where kids can touch smooth and prickly sea creatures.

Sea World San Diego Bayside Skyride

Sea World San Diego

The Bayside Skyride

Sea World Restaurants

Sea World San Diego

The Calypso Smokehouse Restaurant

There are nine different eating places where you can either sit down for a restaurant meal or get drinks and refreshments to go, as well as casual California style lunch places. There is even a place that serves breakfast. Here are the best picks.

The Deli: They serve breakfast American style. Great sandwiches and deli platters.

Calypso Bay Smokehouse: Delicious Baby Back ribs and more.

Mama Stellas Pizza Kitchen: Great Pizzas and Antipastos.

Shipwreck Reef Cafe: A variety of Seafoods and sandwiches.

Pinapple Petes Island: Soft serve waffle cone sundies and smoothies.

Fireworks Sea World San Diego

Sea World San Diego

Sea World Fireworks

Hotels Near Sea World San Diego

There are several hotels near Sea World to choose from. Here is a selection of the best ones. Some are cheap hotels and some like Paradise Point Resort are more luxurious. Holiday Inn is always good.

Hyatt Islandia

One mile from Sea World. 1441 Quivira Road, san Diego, Ca 92109.

Phone: (619)224-1284

Howard Johnson Seaworld

1.3 miles from Sea World. 3330 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, Ca 92110.

Phone: (619)224-8266

Paradise Point Resort

1.3 miles from sea World. 1404 Vacation Road, San Diego, Ca 92109.

Phone: (858)274-4630

San Diego Days Inn

1.3 miles from Sea World. 3350 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, Ca 92110.

Phone: (619)224-9800

Super8 Motel San Diego

1.3 miles from Sea World. 3275 Rosecrans Street, San Diego, Ca 92110.

Phone: (619)224-2411

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