Malibu California

Malibu Beach In Southern California!

Malibu California USA is famous for its star studded Beaches and its multi-million dollar Southern California Malibu beach front real estate properties and its fabulous Malibu Restaurants right on the beach.

Malibu doesn’t really have a town center, it’s more of a narrow 27 mile long beach area, with one Malibu beach after another.

Malibu California

Malibu California Coastline

Although the city doesn’t seem to look posh and fancy, most Malibu residents are rich movie people and other less famous ultra rich people.

Located about twenty miles northwest of Santa Monica on the Pacific Coast Highway, you’ll find that Mailbu has a pieceful vibe, that’s unusual for other parts of Southern California.

The town doesn’t look impressive with fast-food stands, small shopping centers, and surf shops.

The residents of this beach town is the home, or second home to the rich and famous, who like privacy first and foremost.

The Maliby Colony is the most popular residential area for celebrities. A gated community right on the sand.

Most visitors come here for the beaches, which are the most beautiful and cleanest of all the Los Angeles beaches.

Malibu Beach California has been home to wealthy beach lifestyles since the 1920′s. Long, level beaches for miles are the rule in Malibu, with many beach parking lots to accommodate tourists and visitors to the Malibu beaches in California.

Malibu California

Scenic View

It’s is a very exciting place to visit. My husband and I frequently drive to Malibu for a weekend getaway. It’s only a 30 minute drive from Hollywood California.

Malibu California

Malibu California

The picture above shows the Pacific Coast Highway which runs the whole lenght of the Malibu coastline. It’s a very scenic and beautiful ride with wonderful ocean views all along the way. Very pleasant indeed.

Malibu Attractions

Malibu California

Getty Museum

There are lots of things to do. The most popular attractions are the Getty Museum and the fantastic Paradise Cove with its Beach Cafe right on the beach. This is my absolute favorite place to be in this fabulous beach city.

There is also the wonderful Rosenthal Winery. A great place for wine tasting and to spend an afternoon.

Malibu California

Paradise Cove

Malibu has a 21 mile coastline with lots of fantastic beautiful beaches. Here are the most popular beaches, starting with my very own favorite Paradise Cove Beach on Pacific Coast Highway. There is a sign there, that says Paradise Cove, make a left turn into Paradise Cove.

Topanga State Beach is located at the intersection of PCH and Topanga Canyon Boulevard.

The Malibu Lagoon State Beach is situated West of the Malibu Pier. Another great beach with a great location next to the Pier which has a few seafood restaurants and other beach facilities.

Malibu  California


The The Surfrider Beach is located at 23000 Pacific Coast Highway, just a short distance from the Pier.

Zuma Beach is another very popular beach for swimming and camping. It’s located West of Westward Beach Road on PCH.

Malibu Califronia

Casa Malibu Inn

Of all the hotels to choose from, you can’t beat the Casa Malibu Inn. If you love ocean view patios, and a place right on the beach, this place is for you. I think it’s the best place to stay in Malibu. A lot of people agree with me.

Other hotels worth mentioning is the Malibu Beach Inn, also situated right on the beach. It’s a larger complex and not quite as cozy as Casa Malibu Inn. I also like the Malibu Country Inn, a Bed and Breakfast place that is absolutely charming.
All of these places are outstanding places for lodgings in Malibu California.

Malibu California

Malibu Paradise Cove Beach Cafe

There are plenty of great Restaurants in this area. Here are some of the best restaurants in Malibu, as well as my own very favorite restaurant.
Nothing compares to the Paradise Cove Beach Cafe in. It’s also a favorite celebrity hangout. I saw Jennifer Aniston there not long ago. But that’s not why I am crazy about the place. It’s the beach atmosphere and the delicious food. I really feel like I am in paradise when I’m there.

Dining right on the sand, just a few yards from the waters edge. My husband and I usually spend 4 hours there, or more. And the food is delicious.

Moonshadows on Pacific Coast highway is another must restaurant visit. The food is great, the views are fabulous, and it’s location at waters edge is great.

I also love the Dukes restaurant. It’s located at PCH and Sunset Boulevard. This is another oceanfront seafood restaurant with great food and great ocean views.

As you can see there are lots to do in Malibu California. I am building this site so there will be lots more information coming.

The Most Popular Beachside Restaurants In Malibu

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