History Of Hollywood

Early Hollywood History And The Sign!

This page is about the history of Hollywood, a piece of Hollywood history in the 1920′s, Hollywood movie history and the early years Hollywood Film Making.

History of Hollywood

Postcard of Hollywood Boulevard in the 1930′s

It all began when the Entertainment Industry moved from the East to the area around Hollywood California.

The story of Hollywood film making is that the early motion picture entrepreneurs brought their cinema activities to Los Angeles and Hollywood for the ideal climate that was perfect for year-round filming outdoors.

The movie makers also wanted to move far away and escape the control of Thomas Edison, the patent holder for movie making technologies at that time, and also to be as far away as possible from the roving eyes of the newly formed government agency of the IRS, The Internal Revenue Service, the tax collector in the USA.

History of Hollywood

Nirvana Apartments, An Old Hollywood Landmark

The history of silent movie era in Hollywood lasted barely 15 years. But it changed forever the American way of life; and for sure life in Hollywood and Los Angeles California.

History of Hollywood

Old Hollywood Scene

Hollywood history tells stories of hundreds of would-be actors who followed the moviemakers to Hollywood.

But they had a tough time, because the original Hollywood residents refused to rent rooms to them, since they didn’t have steady and acceptable jobs.

History of Hollywood

Hollywood Tower Apartments

During the early history of Hollywood films, movies were produced quickly and cheaply, and the actors had to perform most of their own stunts.

Films could be shot anywhere, regardless of noice, since they were silent, and they were.

The early Hollywood history of movie making were full of fake car accidents, bank robberies in front of cameras, gun battles, and lots of dare devil stunts performed daily in the streets of Hollywood.

History of Hollywood

1920′s Hollywood Bungalow

Acres of agriculteral land that was used for growing citrus and vegetables, were converted to Hollywood Studios backlots, moviestages and production facilities in Hollywood for Warner Brothers, Charlie Chaplin, Mary Pickford, Douglas fairbanks, Metro Goldwyn Meyer MGM, Universal Studios, and Paramount Pictures.

History of Hollywood

Graumans Chinese Theater, A Famous Movie Palace Theater

Hollywood Boulevard during the 1920′s looked like a version of an East Coast city, with office buildings, hotels, restaurants, Hollywood Night Clubs, and huge Movie Palace Theaters.

History Of Hollywood Sign

History of Hollywood

The Original Hollywoodland Sign

The history of the Hollywood sign began when a real estate developer put up a large electric sign with letters 50 feet high, to advertise his newly built homes in the Hollywood Hills. In those days the sign spelled “Hollywoodland”, the name of the development.

The sign eventually fell into disrepair, but it was rescued by the Hollywood Chamber Of Commerce and restored without the “land”. Now it’s simply spelled Hollywood.

Today the Hollywood sign is the best known symbol of the movie industry in the World.

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