Destination Southern California
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Southern California Attractions
And Visitors Tourist Information!

As a destination, Southern California, its beaches, cities and tourist attractions, is the ultimate exciting, fun place to visit. Get ready for your Southern California adventure!

The beaches define this destination and the fabulous beach front restaurants are the ideal spots for a romantic dinner.

Yes, in this southern part of California, the beaches are the most visited attraction for sure.

If you are planning a Los Angeles SoCal Vacation, our web site will offer you lots of insider Travel and Tourist Information.

I have been a local tourist destination guide for relatives and friends for many years, and have been to all the best beach towns and places, and stayed at, or visited, all the hotels that I recommend.

Santa Monica Beach and Palisades Park

It’s a Southern California Travel Guide to help you have a fantastic and fun vacation and enjoy the Southern California Weather, which happens to be the best in the World.

Southern California is truly a year round destination. However, if you like the deserts the winter months are the best for hiking, biking or exploring the beautiful desert parks.

los angeles

Beverly Drive in Los Angeles with Hollywood Sign

Beach lovers and sun-worshippers should definitely come in the summer. To miss the worst of the crowds, visit the most popular beaches in September. The weather is still balmy then.
orange county beach

Orange County Beach in Laguna Beach California

Take a boat ride to Santa Catalina Island,, camp on an Ocean bluff, relax on sun-drenched Santa Monica beaches, and enjoy world famous museums.

Your favorite tourist destinations, are all within a short distance from Los Angeles.

Whether you stay in Los Angeles and are looking for Tourist Attractions in the Los Angeles Area, or drive to ,Laguna Beach or Santa Barbara, or a bit further south to San Diego, there is something for every interest, and budget for a destination Southern California vacation.

san diego california

San Diego California

All the information to enjoy your Outings and Getaways are included. Addresses, phone numbers, hours, maps and directions, what to see and what to do.

The Navigation Buttons to the left, are direct links to all the places mentioned here. These places will give you detailed information and pictures, as well as directions how to get there. But I recommend you read this page first so you get a complete overview of what’s available.

santa barbara california

Santa Barbara View with Stearn’s Wharf

This comprehansive insiders guide includes interesting tidbits, local encounters, pertinent information to enjoy and explore the area all day long.

All you need to know for endless days of Exciting Destinations.

Not only is the geographical diversity awesome, the vibrant cultural diversity of the Cities, is equally fascinating and eclectic.

Laguna Beach
Laguna Beach View

From coastal beaches and coves, and snowy mountain ranges, to canyon-slashed deserts and forests dotted with lakes, a Southern part of California really rocks your senses.

Nicknamed the ‘Entertainment Capital of the World’, Los Angeles, the glamour center of the film industry, is synonymous with fame and fortune. Read that ‘Hollywood Celebrities’.

Laguna Beach surfers
Laguna Beach Surfers

I bet you didn’t know that Los Angeles is a pioneer in more than just the movie business.

It’s also the birthplace of the Internet, Barbie, BMX bikes, and the Space Shuttle. And it’s the only city to have hosted two Olympic Games-in 1932 and 1984.

Los Angeles is also an important center for Art, Music, and Architecture. It actually has over 80 live theater stages and 300 museums; more than any other American City. Are you surprised?

San Clemente
San Clemente

The city of Los Angeles is amazingly rich in cultural diversity, as are other cities in this southern part of California.

People from about 140 countries calls Los Angeles home, including myself.

How well I remember when I first arrived here, years ago, from faraway Sweden.

Southern California Love

I instantly fell in love with Los Angeles, its friendly people, the warm and sunny climate, the magnificent beaches, and the exciting cities.

malibu beach

Beautiful Malibu Beach California

This is a magical place for sure. I am so lucky to live here in Los Angeles, West Hollywood to be precise, and experience all the things this area has to offer.

You are now going to be in for a treat, because I will show you my favorite and best, the most wonderful places to visit, the Best Beaches, and the best things for a destination Southern California vacation.

Southern California Coast

California’s Beautiful Coast

I have personally been to all the places I will tell you about. From my Favorite Restaurants, both cheap and pricey, to the hippest and/or luxorious stores and boutiques, Unique and Charming Neighbourhood Places to
explore and enjoy, as well as great hotels, in many price ranges, to stay at.

The coolest and very Hip Night-Clubs, OK, my son’s have been there, where all the Starlets and Celebs hang out.

The most popular party places in town, all of this is going to be divulged here. With all the information to make it easy for you, prices, hours, addresses, and lots of pictures.

This is a true insiders Guide to Southern California, it’s cities and beaches and places.

A true vacation experience!

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel

Santa Monica Ferris Wheel at Disneyland Adventure

Here are some fascinating and interesting facts about California that I bet you didn’t know.

From the beautiful Southern California Beaches, and the bustle and fun of Santa Monica Pier, to the luxury of Beverly Hills, and the glamour of Hollywood, and the glitter of the famous Sunset Strip.

My insiders Guidewill help you have the ultimate Dream Vacation. I guarantee it!

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